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Technical Links

This section contains links to excellent microwave resources on the web


NE325S01 (NEC)

Design Software

Antenna calculator

AppCad (by Agilent Technologies)

SWR Calculator

Smith Chart Software

DSP Radio

The W7PUA DSP-10

HF SDR (Flex-Radio) by AC5OG

HSMM (High Speed Multimedia [802.11])

Regulations on the subject

Locking Oscillators to a reference

CT1DMK Reflock by Louis Cupido

W5OJM (Brooks Shera) GPS Controlled Frequency Standard

W7CQ's appendum to the Shera lock board

Miscellaneous Applications

W4SM's Collection of Applets (WinGrid / RF Safety / Coax dB calculator)

WW2R's Compendium (many relevant projects)

EDN - PC Board Log Periodic Antennas


KE5FX 950-2150 MHz frequency agile oscillator

TWT Amplifiers

Siemens TWT Databook (W3FTI / N2CEI) (Large)


Microwaves 101

ARRL Microwave Page


Building waveguide transitions Richard M. Kurzrok

24 GHz Equipment

Excellent Downloads and Microwave Kits

  • Very Low Noise Preamps

  • SDR Interfaces & Other Kits

  • General Microwave Knowledge and activity

  • North Texas Microwave Society

  • Central States VHF Society